Financial Management

Why Financial Management?

Financial resources are integral to any development work. It has been the endeavor of CPA Services to promote robust financial management practices in the Development Sector. We believe that better financial management contributes to better transparency and in effect it enhances accountability.

Good financial management practices will help an organization to:

  • make effective and efficient use of resources
  • achieve objectives and fulfil commitments to stakeholders
  • become more accountable to donors and other stakeholders
  • gain the respect and confidence of funding agencies, partners and beneficiaries
  • gain advantage in competition for increasingly scarce resources
  • prepare for long-term financial sustainability.

Our Approach

Our competency in the area of Financial Management has been achieved through extensive study and research. We are involved in:

  • Diploma in Financial Management and Accountability - a one year online diploma programme
  • Project Accompaniment
  • System Review and development
  • Trainings & Workshops
  • Self-Assessment Tool -
  • Publications

Diploma in Financial Management and Accountability (DFMA)

The Diploma in Financial Management and Accountability is a one year long-distance online education program in collaboration with the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS). It caters to the unmet demand of sustained financial management. The global online program is specifically designed for personnel already working in voluntary sector seeking to equip themselves with financial management skills and for persons who are seeking to join the voluntary sector in near future. To know more about the programme, please visit our website

Project Accompaniment

Effective management of financial resources is integral to any development work. Development effectives can be achieved by facilitating -

  • process of smooth inflow of funds;
  • ensuring consistent implementation of the planned activities; and
  • complying with the reporting requirements.

We at CPA address this area through financial project accompaniment, which begins at the pre-approval stage of the project and continues till the project is successfully closed. In this process, CPA closely cooperates with both the funding organization on one hand and the implementing partner on the other. At present, we are providing project accompaniment to approx. 150 donor funded development projects.


Systems Review and Development

CPA has developed a highly specialized tool for conducting financial evaluations, assessments, reviews and investigations on behalf of various national and international agencies. Certain activities under System Review and Development are:

  • Finance Review
  • Quick Finance scan
  • Pre funding Assessment
  • Midterm & End Term Assessment
  • Review of utilization of funds
  • Designing Policy, manuals and processes
  • Hands on Accompaniment
  • System Development
  • Setting up Budgetary Process
  • Conflict Resolution & Negotiation
  • Financial Investigations


Trainings / Workshops on Financial Management

CPA Services conducts training programs and workshops focusing on Effective financial management and internal control systems. Apart from organizing workshops and consultations, members of the CPA Resource team also facilitate workshops organized by other agencies. 

Self-Assessment Rating Tool -

This modular self-assessment rating has been developed as social accountability standards after years of research and feedbacks received from various organizations and experts. This self-assessment tool is a humble effort of CPA in its stance to capture the urgent need of the development sector. As an organization which has been promoting accountability for more than two decades, this is a path breaking diagnostic tool. Voluntary organizations who wish to participate in this rating exercise are provided with a secure confidential report on the performance of their organization as per legal/accountability conformity laid down by the law of the land.

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