Financial Reviews and Evaluations

Financial Review

It is imperative for a donor agency to know whether their funds are being utilized adequately and for the purposes mentioned in the Project narratives. We offer to conduct financial review on behalf of funding agencies, where we verify whether the funding was utilized for an intended cause and within the conditions of the Project Co-operation agreement.

System Review

The organisation with robust system and processes is less likely to be prone towards Financial and Governance Risk. Therefore, in order to drive an organization towards robust systems and processes, we offer to provide System Review service wherein we review and suggest the modifications in the following areas: -

  • Governance
  • Book Keeping and Accounting
  • Internal Controls
  • Legal Compliances

Compliance Review

Once a Co-operation Agreement is entered by a Funding partner and an implementing partner, there are certain terms and conditions, policies, Donor guidelines, etc. which needs to be followed by the implementing partner during the implementation of the Project. CPA offers to provide Compliance review services, wherein it would review whether said guidelines are being followed by the implementing partners including review of various reporting requirements under the said guidelines.

Prefunding Assessment

This process comprises a 360-degree review of the internal systems, processes and procedures of the prospective project partner in the areas of financial management and internal control, statutory compliances, internal project monitoring tools & techniques and organizational governance.

CPA Services undertakes prefunding assessments of partner organizations on behalf of proposed donors to assess the ability and capacity of the proposed project partner to implement the project.


Accreditation is the process in which certification of competency, authority, or credibility is presented. In simpler words, it provides your organization with a validation that the system and processes are adequate and commensurate to the nature and size of the organization which also enhances access to global funding opportunities. Herein, CPA Services offers an “Accreditation Certificate” to the organisation which wishes to obtain it. The process to accreditation is carried out through a detailed review of the organisation where the organisation existing system and processes will be compared to the best practices prevalent in the development sector.

Financial Monitoring

Financial monitoring is a continuous process which provides considerable assurance with respect to monitoring of fund utilization status and compliance to the various funding requirements on regular basis.

CPA Services offers to undertake financial monitoring on behalf of donor agencies.

Under this services, we basically identify areas of risk and comment upon the ongoing practices and whether they are in line with the best practices prevalent in the sector.

Financial Investigation

This is very detailed forensic review, considering in mind the level of specific threats. CPA Services offers to conduct financial investigation and forensic review; you are welcome to approach us for such services.

Internal Audit

Internal auditing is an independent, objective assurance and consulting activity designed to add value and improve an organization's operations. This helps to ensure that the organisation’s policies, procedures and applicable laws are followed adequately.

 CPA Services offers to undertake Internal Audit for you at regular intervals depending on size and nature of your organisation.

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