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Governance Review

Effective Governance is key to sustainable organization.  The Governance review process helps in timely identification of issues that may have inhibiting effect on the organization. At the same time, such processes provide framework for future growth and strategy. The nature and term of engagement is customised to suit the requirement of the organization.

In this regard, CPA offers to review Board processes and existing practices with an overall objective to enhance and upgrade the Governance of an organization.


Development of Governance manual

Quite often governance processes are solely dependent on the organizational constitution documents like bye-laws and trust deed. However, such constitutional document may not be comprehensive enough. At the same time, the constitutional document should evolve as the organization grows. Therefore, a document which captures all the necessary governance processes and practices is desirable. 

We provide this unique service of developing customised Governance Manual based on Statutory Requirement, Good Governance Standards and size of the organization.


Setting up of Good governance systems

The existence of governance manual or a well thought through constitutional document is imperative but it is does not end there. The quest should be to establish the systems, processes and procedures that are robust, effective and efficient.

We at CPA services offer to set up your governance systems which would be based on your current practices but incorporating best governance practices of the world.

Organizational Development process

As the organization grows, a time comes when there is a need to revisit your vision, mission, organizational structure and long term future strategy. While we do understand that you are the best person to revisit these vital aspects, we at CPA services are committed to offer you a helping hand. A service where we would facilitate the process of organizational development, provide you with a very vital outside perspective and at the same time ensure that your genesis is safeguarded.

Capacity Building of Board

Primarily people join Non-Profit Boards, due to their commitment to the larger cause the organization stands for.  However, many times, it is realised that such individuals though adept in their core area of work, lack governance know-how. Governance is a complex subject and it is vital to have sound understanding. We provide this service of capacity building of board members individually and also collectively through different initiatives like board development process. We also provide coaching, mentoring and training to future board members.

Independent Director

At CPA services, we maintain a pool of professionals who are trained in governance practices and can provide great insights to an organization through their experience. Any organization who is desirous of inducting new board members can contact us. 

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