Do You Know

Volume - 54
November 2022

The Central Government has specified the penalty for exceeding administrative expenses beyond 20% of FC received in contravention of section 8 of FCRA, 2010

As per the MHA notification dated 1st July 2022 [S.O. 3025(E)], the Central Government has specified the Offence, Penalty & Officer for compounding the offences under the FCRA, 2010. Details about one of the offence is given below:

 Offence  Defraying of Foreign Contribution beyond 20% of the Contribution received for Administrative Expenses in contravention of section 8 of the Act
 Description  Compounding of offence punishable for exceeding the administrative expenditure beyond 20%
 Penalty  One Lakh rupees or 5 % of such foreign contribution so defrayed beyond the permissible limit, whichever is higher. However, the amount of penalty shall not be more than the value of foreign contribution received
 Officer competent for compounding  Director, or as the case may be, the Deputy Secretary in-charge of the section responsible for the administration of the Act


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