Workshops, Trainings & Accompaniment Services


In its endeavor to promote accountability, CPA Services regularly conducts training programs and workshops to develop the capacity of professionals in the areas of Planning & Budgeting, Internal Control & Risk Management, Legal Compliances and Organisational Governance.

When we conduct workshop?

  • CPA Services conduct outreach/open workshop, if there are any major changes in law which has significant impact in development sector.
  • CPA Services conduct special workshop for the capacity development of organizational staff in the areas of Governance, Financial Management, Internal Control/ Risk Management and Legal Compliance.

Accompaniment Services

When an organisation evolves in terms of scale and complexity, its systems & processes need to be upgraded in order to improve their effectiveness. CPA Services strongly believes and highly recommends that systems be commensurate to size and scale of operation. In this area, CPA Services provides handholding support to those organisations that require system & process development support services.

What are the areas covered in Accompaniment Process?

  • Good Governing Practices
  • Setting up-Policy/ Review of Policy Documents
  • Financial Management
  • Internal Control System
  • Fund Utilization Management/Donor Reporting Management
  • Legal Compliance


We continue to navigate through the current scenario of pandemic and its increasing impact on development sector. In order to support your organisation, CPA Services offers to conduct webinar on various aspects such as FCRA, , Income Tax, Accounting, Governance etc. These tech-enabled webinars are being hosted on regular basis and would be a great opportunity to learn from a convenient location.

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