Do You Know

Volume - 83
December 2023

The last date for filing Annual Return under FCRA, 2010 in Form FC-4 is 31st December. Non-compliance may face penalty, cancelation, or procesuction.

As per FCR Rules, 2011, the Annual Return is to be submitted online at in prescribed Form FC-4, duly accompanied by FCRA Balance Sheet, Income & Expenditure Account, and Receipt & Payment Account, which is certified by a Chartered Accountant within 31-December.
A ‘NIL’ return is submitted, even if there is no receipt/utilization of foreign contribution during the year, without certificate from Chartered Accountant, is also mandatory.
Not filing annual return in Form FC-4 on time may face the following consequences:
1)    Imposition of penalty for late submission of return,
2)    Cancellation of FCRA registration,
3)    Prosecution for violation of provisions of FCRA, 2010.

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