Programme Management

Programme Monitoring

Programme monitoring is a continuous process which provides considerable assurance with respect to the progress of a project. It also helps you recognise the strengths and the areas which need improvement. A systemic programme monitoring mechanism allows you to take corrective measures wherever necessary. We at CPA, offer to develop a customized monitoring tool for you and also train your relevant staff on effective monitoring.

Programme Evaluation

Evaluation of a programme is an imperative process which assesses the health of the project as well its impact in a longer period. A programme evaluation should be an essential exercise that must be carried out in periodic intervals. CPA conducts these evaluations based on the DAC criteria. As a result, the programme evaluation provides a data which determines to what extent has the programme been relevant, effective, efficient, sustainable and impactful.

Setting up of PME systems

How do you ensure the success of your project? A lot goes into it, but one step that cannot be missed is to incorporate a planning monitoring and evaluation process. A sound PME system helps organization to manage and measure projects, leverage resources effectively, maximise impact and ensure transparency and accountability. CPA with its experience of working with voluntary sector for more than 10 years and running an online PME learning programme, offers to set up a Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation process which is tailor made for your organization.

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